How to stake Cardano
how to stake cardano

Our Ticker is PARAD currently earning over 5%. 


#1 Earn passive income by helping secure the network by staking your Cardano or ADA coin.

#2. You control your crypto at all times with the PARAD pool, your funds never leave your wallet.

#3. You also benefit in any price movement of your ADA while still getting rewards every period.

#4 Lowest fee in the industry at 1% of staking rewards compared to others at 5% or higher.

#5 24/7 monitoring pool to guarantee the most up-time!

#6 Any funds created from this pool will go directly into creating applications on Cardano.

#7 Hosted on Google backbone so minimal latency.

#8 Help Line 239-771-0315

#9 Be part of paradise staking and follow what we create as the Cardano ecosystem grow.

#10 This pool is located in Fort Myers Florida and you can be part of our monthly Cardano meetups online or in-person if you’re local.