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join our facebook page at is fully managed and ran by a 360-development group inc. 360 development group has been operating as a Florida corporation for 3 years operating companies in the Florida market including retail stores and software development. We have a passion for the blockchain space and look forward to developing some projects on the Cardano platform. Including expanding a couple of our current projects in the Cardano ecosystem.

Sample resent relevant projects are

This international Cancer Reseach database looks to place a disease fingerprint of all demographic and environment datapoints of cancer patients from around the world to make a permanent record for others to study. With hopes of gathering enough data to find any anomaly than may contribute or create a biological environment then spawn higher rates of cancer and other diseases. By creating a path to the blockchain for this data will lead to a permanent public database than can hopefully lead to a cure.

International cellphone marketplace.
Plans on using ADA to preform split payments across the sales spectrum. As a phone is sold payouts to all participants will be done at the point of sale. Including the seller, the consignor I if any, the commissions of the sales rep and the reorder of replacement inventory will site in contract until the contract meets reorder specifications.

Staking with ADA-Staking will help us make these projects happen on the Cardano blockchain.