Paradise Payments


Paradise Payments

Purchase ecommerce items with ADA on the magento 2 platform.

We will be applying for fund 3 to develop this project.

Split payments:  when an item sell out platform will distribute the payments automatically by the seller defined inputs.  Our smart contracts will execute the entire chain of entities including manufacture, vender, distributor, retailer, sales representative commissions, ada transaction fees, consignor, affiliate fees, marketplace fees and taxes.   Saving large portions of overhead cost for the product sales process. 

Sample project is a cell phone marketplace that offers both instore and online sales.   Currently there are many payment platforms that integrate but require complex overhead to reconcile and track serialized inventory through the sales cycle.  Our business used a consignment model for a portion on the sales process.  The paradise payments integration will allow automatic distribution of funds to all parties involved.

The Magento 2 Extension will be a free extension for all. Transactions on the extension will be powered by the Parad/ada token. Each site that used the paradise payments extension will be requires to load the extension with an equivalent amount of parad as the transaction volume requires for gas fees. Gas fees can be paid in ADa or PARAD tokens.

Out platform will be built to service other industries other than magento the core application will have api’s to allow integration to fortune 500 companies of all flavors, Primary Industry, Secondary Industry, Tertiary Industry, Quaternary Industry.

There are many industries that this type of payment systems can help, including any sales systems that pays commissions. Example in the cellular sales channel there are many levels of commissions that are paid out on a per sales basis. Regions level, Territory level, Principal level, Store Level, Manager Level, Sales Level. our app will allow unlimited levels defined by the user to distribute payments automatically without the massive overhead required in today’s systems. industries like this can use the Paradise Payment Platform fully integrated once complete or simply by importing sales data to the paradise payments platform customised smart contract.